Large Mirrors

Please Read

For larger mirrors, shower screens, glass tables, etc these will be loaded on our vans and delivered by our distibution team who will telephone approx 12 hours before delivery to confirm you are available and also a call 1hr before arriving to the destination.
IMPORTANT: Further to our Terms of Service.
The driver will be solo therefore arrangements should be made to provide someone to help unload the mirror(s) if they are particularly large.
The driver is unable and uninsured to carry the mirror(s) beyond ground level (i.e. into a bedroom or loft).
If delivery is to an address other than at ground level or if the items are carried beyond ground level, any damage caused to the mirror(s) during carriage up any stairs or in lifts is not the responsibility of the driver nor Mirrors and Glass Ltd. but solely that of the customer.
Please be aware of the size of doorways, stair openings and lifts when ordering large mirrors. For example, will the mirror be able to turn a corner whilst being manoeuvred into place.
Mirrors and Glass Ltd. cannot be held responsible if you order too large a mirror.