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Make sure your new Made to Measure Mirror is Pilkington® Optimirror™ OW with Safety Corners.

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THROUGHOUT MAINLAND UK (excluding Highlands)
low iron glass and mirror
  • Low Iron Mirror
  • 4mm or 6mm Mirrors
  • Shaped Mirrors
  • Bevelled Mirrors
  • Tinted Mirrors
  • Heated Demister Pads
  • Shaver Socket Cut/Outs
  • Single or Double Plug Socket Cut/Outs

  • Mainland UK Delivery
  • Secure Payments
low iron glass and mirror fitted
Basic Details
If you require an angled Mirror corner, i.e. for a sloping ceiling in a loft, the price is the same as for a square/rectangle, attach a drawing with your order.
Example drawing here :   Mirror Corner DiagramMirror with Sloping Corner

These are the same price as a square/rectangle piece of Mirror and can be ordered as such.

All we need to know on this page are the two large numbers to give us the overall size of the Mirror.
Here the 1000 at the bottom would be placed in one of the Size boxes, either X or Y on the Made to Measure page and the 750 to the left of the diagram would be placed in the other one.
The other numbers can be entered in the Customer Notes section upon checkout.
The small squares are 90° corners, if your area has no square corners we will need to know the size in degrees of ALL these three angles as well.

Make a drawing similar to the one above with your measurements on. This can be done quite simply in Paint(which most copies of Windows have) or any other basic drawing program; alternatively you could hand draw and use your computer scanner to scan in the picture.

Your drawing can be attached in the shopping basket of the Checkout process or sent to us separately by you via e-mail.
Or alternatively you could send a template via the post or courier.

  X             Y

The M&G team go that bit further to get your made to measure mirror on the wall:
Check our strengthened corner video here

For Made to Measure Mirrors we only use Pilkington® Optimirror™ Low Iron, the highest standard silvered mirror.
Pilkingtons Top of The Range Optiwhite Silvered Mirror. Delivered To Your Door At Unbeatable Prices.

made to measure mirror
made to measure mirror

Your chosen size in relation to an average adult

Extra Details


  Sample Hole Diagram Information
  InformationWhat is Safety Backing?
Safety Backing is a strong plastic film which is adhered to the back of the mirror. This prevents large shards falling and reduces the risk of cuts in the event of breakage

Safety Backing is NOT recommended when using adhesive as only the backing would be holding the weight of the mirror.

Safety Backing is required in any public place where screws, clips or concealed fixings are used and we would recommend it for private homes.


Please provide drawings for socket positions for your made to measure mirror via email.

Please provide drawings for cut out positions for your made to measure mirror via email.


Price :   (each)
(including V.A.T. & Delivery)

Quantity Discounts for Same Size :
From 3 to 6 - 10%
From 7 to 15 - 15%
From 16 to 50 - 20%
From 51 to 100 - 25%
From 101 upwards - 50%

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass/Mirror Cleaner 660ml Spray.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner
Price : £5.00
(including V.A.T.)

Mirrors and Glass Surface Protector

Transparent Polymer Coating.
Water and stain repellant.
Protects Glass, Mirror and many other surfaces,A must when ordering shower screens and shower doors especially sandblasted doors and screens
475ml bottle.

Mirrors and Glass Surface Protector
Price : £14.00
(including V.A.T.)

Suction Cup Lifters

Twin Suction Cup Lifters.

Suction Cup Lifters
Price : £20.00
(including V.A.T.)

Furniture Protector Pads (set of 18)

Clear plastic, self-adhesive Wooden furniture protector pads (set of 18).

Furniture Protector Pads (set of 18)
Price : £8.00
(including V.A.T.)

Please click below to order your made to measure Pilkington® Optimirror™ OW
Made to Measure Mirrors-Cut to Size Mirrors
Pilkington® Optimirror™ OW is our newest product for the made to measure mirrors range.

Pilkington® Optimirror™ OW is a high specification mirror manufactured on Pilkington® Optiwhite™ substrate(low iron glass) which gives a more brilliant and clearer appearance eradicating the green tint like normal mirrors sold elsewhere on the internet.

Pilkington® Optimirror™ OW is manufactured to a superior quality standard and offers 94% light reflection on 4 mm thickness. Due to its environmentally-friendly copper and lead-free characteristics, our made to measure mirrors can be utilised across a wide variety of buildings and applications including walls, partitions, doors, displays, ceilings, cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture.

Excellent resistance to natural atmospheric corrosion eliminating the need for foil backing. Our new made to measure mirrors have higher corrosion resistance and improved protection to chemical attack from cleaners and certain adhesives than conventional copper mirrors sold elsewhere on the internet. Environmentally friendly manufacturing process produces less waste and ensures easier onward recycling. Manufactured to European standard EN 1036.

The Mirrors and Glass team boast on average processing 6 tons of 4mm and 6mm Pilkingtons® low iron mirror 7 days a week,with either smooth polished or bevelled edges no matter what shape rectangular, circular, oval, arch top etc and of course our safety corners delivered to businesses and homes around the mainland UK with our own in house packaging department with strict quality control for small to medium sized mirrors,large or bulk quantity mirrors delivered by our own distribution team 7 days a week.

Made to Measure Mirrors can also be collected Mon-Fri 9-5.

Please click below to order your made to measure Pilkington® Optimirror™ OW

Made to Measure Mirrors-Cut to Size Mirrors

Made To Measure Mirrors