Which Glass thickness should I choose?
Fully Supported Glass
For applications such as tabletops made from: wood, marble or other solid material.
This can be as thin as 4mm Glass for smaller pieces such as bedside cabinets, small dressing tables and side tables.
Anything larger which may have weight on it or "heavy use", such as; office desks, dining tables, etc. would need at least 6mm Glass thickness.

Unsupported Glass
For applications such as frames made from: wood, metal, or other material.
8mm Glass is the minimum thickness recommended unless the framework is very small.
10mm Glass and 15mm Glass thickness is recommended for larger frames where the Glass is unsupported for over 1 metre between any two supports.

Clear plastic pads are available on the Mirror and Glass Accessories page for use on metal frames to prevent scratching of the glass by the metal.