Mirror with a Slope for a Loft?
Mirror with sloping corner

These are the same price as square/rectangle mirrors and can be ordered as such.

All we need to know are the two large numbers to give us the overall size of the mirror.
Here the 1000 at the bottom would be placed in one of the Size boxes, either X or Y on the Made to Measure Mirror page and the 750 on the left of the diagram would be placed in the other one.
The small squares are 90° corners if your area has no square corners we will need to know the size in degrees of ALL these three angles as well.

Make a drawing similar to the one above with your measurements on.
This can be done quite simply in Paint(which most copies of Windows have) or any other basic drawing program; alternatively you could hand draw and use your computer scanner to scan in the picture.

Your drawing can be attached on Page 4, Order Confirmation, of the Checkout process or sent to us separately by you via e-mail.
Or, alternatively, you could send a template via the post or courier.