Basic Details
Glass Shelves are made from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 15mm Toughened Glass with Polished Edges.
Glass shelves come with a 1mm radius on each corner.

For Half Circle ONLY; X is the radius, Y is unused.

X Axis
Y Axis

(Not Shown On Image)   InformationWhat is Clipped Back Corner?
A 45° section is removed from the right angled corner of the shelf or centred on the shelf if a half-circle.
This measurement is the size of the cut out required or the radius of the hole on half-circles.
This is to allow cables to pass through the shelf when it is up against the wall, say for example speaker cables.

InformationSandblasted Finish
One side of the glass is sandblasted to give an opaque finish to the glass. You would still be able to see detail through this finish as it does not obscure the glass completely.

Please Note: We Work to tolerances of +/- 1mm in production.

If fitting glass shelves in between an alcove using our brackets please see FAQ


made to measure shelf

Your chosen size in relation to an average adult

Extra Details

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Price :   (each)
(including V.A.T.)

Quantity Discounts for Same Size :
From 4 to 12 - 30%
From 13 upwards - 40%

Please note toughened Glass items cannot be drilled or cut down once manufactured.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass/Mirror Cleaner 660ml Spray.

Price : £7.20
(including V.A.T.)

Mirrors and Glass Surface Protector

Mirrors and Glass Surface Protector

Transparent Polymer Coating.
Water and stain repellant.
Protects Glass, Mirror and many other surfaces,A must when ordering shower screens and shower doors especially sandblasted doors and screens
475ml bottle.

Price : £17.16
(including V.A.T.)

Suction Cup Lifters

Suction Cup Lifters

Twin Suction Cup Lifters. perfect for positioning large mirrors, glass shower screens and glass shower doors.
Weight Capacity 70kg.
Guaranteed forever register online.

Price : £14.40
(including V.A.T.)

Furniture Protector Pads (set of 18)

Furniture Protector Pads (set of 18)

Clear plastic, self-adhesive Wooden furniture protector pads (set of 18).

Price : £3.50
(including V.A.T.)
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