Glass Interior Door Dimensions

Wide X Height

  InformationWhat is Tight Size?
Tight Size is the actual size of the opening you wish to fill without taking into consideration any allowance for hinge thicknesses.

If you choose "Yes" for this option we will workout the clearances required for you and deduct them from the sizes, depending on which options you choose with your item.

If you choose "No" the glass itself will be made to the sizes you supply.

This the process of making the glass either fully or partially opaque Sandblasted glass doors are treated with a transparent Polymer Coating (Water, finger marks and stain repellant).

FULL is for the entire Glass Door to be opaque.

MODESTY is for a centre section of the Glass Door to be opaque with clear glass above and below.
The opaque section starts 500mm from the bottom of the piece(about average knee height) and runs for 1000mm upwards from there(slightly over average shoulder height).

VERTICAL STRIPES are 50mm alternating clear and opaque vertical stripes across the width of the Glass Door.

OWN DESIGN is your own picture, logo or design sandblasted onto the Glass Door. For this a design and position drawing are required plus whether the logo or background should be opaque or clear, these can be emailed as an attachment to your order on the "Order Confirmation" page or sent separately at a later date if the design is not yet finalised.
Your chosen size in relation to an average adult

made to measure internal
Glass Interior Door Details

Interior glass doors are made from 10mm Toughened Glass with Polished Edges, including Bronze, Grey, Low Iron Glass option.


Price :
(including V.A.T.)

Please note toughened Glass items cannot be drilled or cut down once manufactured.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Glass/Mirror Cleaner 660ml Spray.

Price : £7.20
(including V.A.T.)

Mirrors and Glass Surface Protector

Mirrors and Glass Surface Protector

Transparent Polymer Coating.
Water and stain repellant.
Protects Glass, Mirror and many other surfaces,A must when ordering shower screens and shower doors especially sandblasted doors and screens
475ml bottle.

Price : £17.16
(including V.A.T.)

Suction Cup Lifters

Suction Cup Lifters

Twin Suction Cup Lifters. perfect for positioning large mirrors, glass shower screens and glass shower doors.
Weight Capacity 70kg.
Guaranteed forever register online.

Price : £14.40
(including V.A.T.)

Furniture Protector Pads (set of 18)

Furniture Protector Pads (set of 18)

Clear plastic, self-adhesive Wooden furniture protector pads (set of 18).

Price : £3.50
(including V.A.T.)
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